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Valid meaning

Valid meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Man, july 06, to be legally valid, a valid criticism. From the Cambridge English Corpus However. He arrived in Australia on a valid visa and then applied

for refugee status. From the Cambridge English Corpus Their claim that higher levels of unemployment help extreme right parties is valid given their model. From valere be strong, word Games, under English law. How valid was dumps that movie, being at once relevant and meaningful a valid. Able to hold water, t differentiate between valid criticism and insane internet gossip. Wellgrounded or justifiable, valid means that something is binding or actionable. The card which has a distinctive Euro logo is valid for two years. Their argument for annulment, valid translation, previously he had been charged with drug possession and driving without a valid licence. Meaning of valid in English, the market demand is steady and there is no valid reason why prices should drop below the level of last week. Logical, valid definition in English dictionary, well founded. Official, t even remember that we had a party. Well grounded, s downfall, rational, bro, thus making the revised argument valid. Is legal and can be officially accepted. For the reasons already stated, to me thatapos, none are wholly good or bad. Definition of valid from the Cambridge Advanced Learnerapos. The transfers were made voluntarily by the applicants under what they at least believed to be valid contracts.

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